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Staffing Solutions Organization LLC (SSO), a Public Consulting Group Company, is focused on delighting clients with world-class managed staffing and talent consulting services. SSO is committed to a diverse workforce, which is a reflection of our clients and the people they serve.          

SSO operates an industry-leading staffing model with three main components: 

  • Talent Acquisition – sourcing, screening, interviewing and selecting talent
  • Talent Management – onboarding, engaging and developing talent
  • Talent Consulting – helping clients with a full spectrum of talent support
Listen. Take Action. Succeed.


Talent Acquisition Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition activities cover all aspects of sourcing, recruiting, screening, interviewing and selecting candidates through offer letter acceptance.

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Talent Management Talent Management

Talent management includes all employee lifecycle activities including payroll and benefit administration, performance management, learning management, employee relations and all workforce management strategies.

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Talent Consulting Talent Consulting

Talent consulting involves advising clients on a variety of HR-related activities including functional assessments (known as HR health check), appropriate cost recovery across all types of funding positioning HR as a strategic partner by outsourcing other activities (HR transformation), and HR technology support from RFP development to market evaluation through system implementation.

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Community and Culture

Equal Pay Day-Staffing Solutions Organization

Equal Pay Day-Staffing Solutions Organization

As we steadily roll through 2019 there are new and innovative workplace practices being implemented daily. However, one issue that continues to persist includes the gender pay gap. On average, women [...]
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Current Opportunities

Current Opportunities
SSO organizational culture attracts and rewards people who are results-oriented and interested in making an immediate impact on their community as well as their own career. SSO prides itself on delivering outstanding services to our clients, relying on creative solutions to optimize talent delivery with a focus on candidate quality while exceeding client expectations regarding timing and cost. 

Equal Employment Opportunity
All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, age, national origin, protected veteran status, or disability. 

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Our Core Values

Tenant Culture Culture Trumps

Employees deserve a great place to work. We believe great workforces are built on great cultures focused on the premise that better individuals make better organizations. While mission, vision, values and strategy are all important, without great culture an organization and its employees are facing an uphill battle. Consistent focus on challenging behaviors which conflict with the culture aspired to, combined with regularly encouraging behaviors which contribute to the desired culture, allows SSO to create a positive and nurturing workplace environment for employees to grow and develop both professionally and personally.

Tenant Employee Employee Engagement

Employees know what they need to be successful and are typically willing to share this. The challenge is most employers don't listen. SSO believes that listening to employees and taking action results in a more engaged and productive workforce. This means employees are heard and their ideas are valued. In many cases, the ideas are converted into action in the form of an adjustment to policy or administrative regulation either as presented or with a slight modification/compromise. In some cases, SSO is not able to make the change. In all cases the employee is heard and responded to.

Tenant Referrals Employee Referrals

Employee referrals are a natural extension of culture and engagement. SSO's success at deLIVEring â„¢ (pending) on its employment brand promises has been rewarded with industry-enviable rates of employee referrals. The average employee refers ~1.5 candidates to join the SSO workforce each year. More than 40% of SSO's new hires come from employee referrals. Our clients benefit from this tremendous pipeline of talent with lower placement costs, faster cycle time to fill jobs and higher quality of hire.