Talent Management

Talent Management

SSO's talent management services are built upon three core beliefs: culture trumps everything, employee engagement matters, and employee referrals rule. 

Culture Trumps Everything 

SSO believes mission, vision, and strategy are important; however, without great culture, an organization is fighting an uphill battle. Culture drives great performance. By focusing on culture components such as behavioral norms, organizational habit formations, and mutual trust/no surprises, we help our clients create work environments employees want to be a part of and will continue to work in.

Employee Engagement Matters

At SSO, engagement begins in the recruitment process and continues through the entire employee lifecycle. Engaging employees is as simple and as powerful as listening and acting. Examples of ways we have responded to employee input include improving intra-organization communication, implementing wellness initiatives, and organizing team building events. We also support and encourage employees to contribute to the communities where we operate and encourage workforce teambuilding through social activities. Additionally, we provide leadership, behavioral, and skills training to employees, as well as tuition reimbursement. We annually survey our employees to measure engagement and identify opportunities. SSO regularly pulse Employee Net Promoter Score and our workforce exceeds industry standards on this critical metric. 

Employee Referrals Rule

The best source of talent, regardless of geography, industry or any other variable, is employee referrals. SSO offers a competitive referral bonus and, as a result of our culture and engagement efforts, enjoys one of the highest referral ratios in the industry at 0.8 per employee per year. 

Research shows that our approach to employee referrals nets powerful results, including: the ability to fill positions 50% faster, reduce talent acquisitions by more than 75%, and double the likelihood of an employee staying one year and two years (https://www.eremedia.com/ere/10-compelling-numbers-that-reveal-the-power-of-employee-referrals/). SSO clients enjoy operations that are staffed with more experienced employees and robust talent pipelines as a result of our unrelenting focus on employee referrals.

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