Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition focuses on three key tenets: canvas broadly, screen aggressively, and advance/hire judiciously.  

Canvass Broadly   

SSO invests on the front end of talent acquisition to ensure a role is properly defined prior to going to market, allowing us to understand the talent supply and demand dynamics for a role prior to going to market. We then leverage our internal recruiting capabilities combined with a talent network comprised of multiple, established staffing firms to cast a wide net, allowing us to identify and contact the best talent by leveraging employer branding and employment value proposition.

Screen Aggressively          

SSO uses multiple techniques to screen talent based on client requirements including behavioral phone screens, digitized resume/CV screens, automated workflow and role-specific candidate assessments. These methods allow us to efficiently filter thousands of resumes to focus on the few relevant candidates with the greatest potential to be successful.

Advance/Hire Judiciously

SSO uses behavioral interview techniques consisting of fixed (i.e., asked of each candidate) and variable (i.e., candidate-specific inquiries) questions, combined with a Critical-To-Quality (CTQ) Matrix to fully evaluate how well applicants fulfill each attribute necessary for success. We leverage a multi-level interview panel including the hiring manager, an operational team leader, and an individual contributor. To evaluate a candidate's personal qualities based on multiple perspectives from the candidate's professional background, we also conduct behavioral, online reference checks. The final stage is a robust background check including industry-specific verifications, such as Office of Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG).

More Information

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